Shaun Turner

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I have 2 amazing daughters and another child on the way and this keeps me well and truly occupied. Spending time with the family is how I unwind, I love just getting out for a picnic or a walk along the beach it really is the simple things in life that I treasure.

Behind every great man is a great woman and it is a very true saying and I am very lucky to have such strong support and love, always encouraging me and pushing me. Gives me a telling off now and again, so yes I hear yous fellas out there agreeing! But sure don't we always solve it with putting the kettle on and sitting down for a brew?

Big Manchester United fan, we all have our weaknesses and this is mine. When the other half is an Arsenal supporter it makes to some interesting conversations or lack of depending on the score.

Love Coffee, spicy food and a good comedy to watch!

I am a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. My style suits those couples who want an easy laid back wedding, no posing, no getting dragged away from your guests or having to put on fake smiles. In basic terms I tell the story from the perspective of a guest experiencing your wedding day and blend in amongst them.

I capture the moments as they happen by moving quickly and always looking for the expressions and atmosphere that tells the story best.

Wedding photography should be considered an art, this is something I truly believe in. As the photographer at a wedding, I believe we should be everywhere throughout the day without being seen or even being felt. I like to have an invisible presence while capturing the moments of your special day.

A published Landscape Photographer, I really don't get out as often as I should but maybe with a bit more free time I will get back to it.

About Shaun Turner